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LED Advertising Sign
LED Display Type: P10mm outdoor LED Display
Product Code: DK-OFR10
Pixel Pitch: 10mm
Pixel Density: 10000dots/sq.m
Location: Florida, USA
Dimension: 2.24*0.96m

If you are an owner of a small restaurant or a manager of small chain stores, have you ever imagined to install a LED Sign to do advertise for your restaurant or stores? I believe that most of the answers are negative.
Some of them may have a rough idea. Some of them have never thought about it. They all think it is a luxury idea using led sign to do advertisement.   
I want to tell you that it is not a luxury idea anymore. You can just do it now.
I would like to explain my theory by a project case in Florida, USA. It is not a giant project but it is giant for the buyer. When we start talking to this customer about his project, he had only a rough idea on led signs. After talked with him for a period of time, we assisted him in identifying and specifying his needs, and we advised him to install a double sides led signs. At first, he can't accept our suggestion. He said,"it is too expensive for me. we are only an very small restaurant". After we calculated the total price for him, he was so surprised. The result is that he accepted our advice and fulfilled the project.
Actually, the led sign prices have decreased a lot these years. They are not luxury anymore. It brings a lot of opportunities to the owners of small business. If you are one of them, it is the time to catch the chance. We'll be waiting for you.

led advertising sign


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