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Multifunction LED Rental Display
LED Display Type: Multifunction LED Rental Display
Pixel Pitch: P12mm outdoor led screen 
Pixel Density: 6944dots/sq.m
Location: Puerto Rico
Dimension: 3.072m*2.304m
Area: 7.07sq.m

The final match of EURO 2012 is coming up soon, Chinese football fans stood up to very late nights and nights. But certainly the great games have taken the greatest exciting moments to us.
The "old" soccer fans may notice that there are changes around the football playground, it's not the more and more beautiful stadiums, but the sport perimeter LED displays. They are so dynamic and impressive, and express the advertsing information to the audience not only in the stadium, but all over the world.
And surely the income taken by the advertsing is big to the sponsors, but as from the point of a professional LED display manufacturer's view, there are still something need to be improved: the total perimeter of a professional soccer playground is around 400m, so to invest the sport perimeter LED display, it would cost very much. The league match schedule is usually one week for one match, so we can't say the sport perimeter LED display is used with high efficiency. Since any quantity of LED display cabinets can be set up as one LED screen, why not sort out some cabinets and rental to the concerts, fashion shows etc events? It should be a creative idea.

And Dakco has began on doing this, we feature the adjustment back up legs behind each led rental cabinets. When you don't need the led screen as sport perameter application, the back up legs are folded up and embedded into the cabinets, the surface of the back is flat, so it's exactly the same with regular rental cabinets; when you need the led display as sport perimeter, you just simply pull the back up legs out, so it's exactly the same with regular perimeter LED display.

The client chose our multifunction led rental display is greatly satisfied and praised our creative work. So far, those cabinets has been widely used for the rental events. But certainly in future, he will use them in the auto racing fields, and as the perimeter pattern led display.


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Dakco LED display Tel:0086-755-29960601 Fax:0086-755-29106150 Copyright @ Dakco Industrial Holdings Limited.

Dakco LED display Tel:0086-755-29960601 Fax:0086-755-29106150 Copyright @ Dakco Industrial Holdings Limited.