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Wireless LED School Sign
LED Display Type: P12mm outdoor LED Display
Product Code: DK-OFV12
Pixel Pitch: 12mm
Pixel Density: 6944dots/sq.m
Location: USA
Dimension: 2.304m x 1.152m

If your school needed a signage, are you still sourcing a lot the Yellow Pages and let your fingers walk you to the nearest sign shop? And they may show you the old-style signage, and every time you'd edit the information, you need to rework the print job?
Nowadage, schools and universities worldwide are discovering the power of LED message centers to promote school events, activities and fund raising efforts! The wise principals want to build their school’s brand, re-badge the campus, increase enrolments, target a new audience and raise the profile of their school. And apparently this important work should be done in a convenient way. That’s why Dakco comes into this field, and provide our electronic led school signage. We turn your marketing goals into reality by designing, fabricating and installing all your school’s signage.
School Signs are beneficial not only to the students and their families, but also to the members of the surrounding community. Our indoor and outdoor led school signs can be utilized to express and increase school spirit as well as encourage attendance to school sporting or sponsored events. These signs are also an ideal means to promote upcoming fundraisers and to recognize outstanding achievements by the student's or alumni of the educational institution.
Our signs can be mounted on poles, fences, stone etc, and usually installed in the pattern of led chool marquee signs. Any solid structure can be used. Please refer here to learn the common fixed installation patterns of our LED signs.
In the past, the most popular colours are red or Tri-colour which gives you the option of Red, Green or yellow text and graphics. But nowadays it's already out of time. Firstly with our high grey level led sign control system, even with Tri-color pixel configuration, i.e. Red and Yellow LED for one pixel, the color of the sign would be abundant because the color processing depth is 14bit. Secondly with our advantage of manufacturer, the cost of our led school sign is lower, so for our clients it's no problem to afford even the full color electronic led school signs.
Draw attention to your latest news/events etc etc. All our signs are easily programmed to your requirements and can be updated as often as you desire. The messages you use are only limited by your imagination. With our easy programming control system and software, our attention-grabbing electronic message centers can dynamically broadcast campus happenings of both indoor and outdoor. For example:

Instantly inform students and faculty of safety alerts, weather warnings, and emergency instructions.
Promote student activities, school spirit, athletics, and student achievements.
Welcome and guide campus visitors.
Announce schedule changes or cancellations.
Add our Excite color full motion displays to scoreboard systems for a big-stadium experience that's surprisingly affordable.

Moreoever, our LED school signs can be networked throughout your entire campus. And by with the wireless feature, the messages and graphics can be created and run from the comfort and security of your school office.

This led school sign is with P12mm outdoor LED display module, the whole size is 2.304m x 1.152m. It is the full color spec instead of the monochrome or tri color. Our partner has expressed that in future, more and more our led school signs would be seen around the USA market.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for the led school sign prices.


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Dakco LED display Tel:0086-755-29960601 Fax:0086-755-29106150 Copyright @ Dakco Industrial Holdings Limited.