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It is now getting popular to control the led display sign via 3G wireless signal. With sharing our dedicated net server, our client could control the led display from anywhere, as long as the internet connection is available.
Here we will take the example of DBSTAR control system, to show how to realize this.

1. Hardware Configuration
To configure the 3G wireless router to DBSTAR control card, in hardware part you’d need to accomplish only the simple process as below.

2. Change the IP of DBSTAR controller
    a. Connect the laptop and control card with net cable.

    b. Change the IP of computer’s net port, to be

    c. Run the software “XMPLAYER”, and change the IP of DBSTAR controller, to be example)

    d. Change the IP of computer’s net port, to be original.
Note: The purpose we change the IP of computer’s net port is to get the communication with the control card. After that, you must change the IP of computer’s net port to be original, or else, you couldn’t access internet.
3. Setup the virtual net port.
    a. Install the software “wangkoutong” (so far we have only Chinese version)

    b. After the software installation, you would find the virtual net port on your computer.

    c. Set the IP of virtual net port as (for example)

Note: The IP of both DBSTAR control card, and the virtual net port should be assigned as “192.168.25.X”. You could name the last number “X” as any from 0-255. But the last number of virtual net port should not the same with control card.
4. Add the 3G wireless router to server.
    a. Login the software “wangkoutong”, with user name “******”, password “********”(we will notice you the user name and password)
Please notice you must “run as administrator”, and you could click right mouse button to choose this.

    b. Add the 3g wireless router to the virtual net port.
When you’ve successfully added, it would show the “*”.

5. Run the DBSTAR software “XMPLAYER”, and find the controller via 3G.

After the above process, you could control your led display sign via 3G wireless signal.


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