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Linsn LED display control system is widely chosen by the manufacturers in China. The software is featured with friendly operation interface and easy uploading, editing the program list. In addition, with the external hardware devices supporting, it can realize more function, such as turning on/off the LED screen at the fixed time; multi-screens control; internet remote control etc.
Get the Linsn LED Studio software manual now.
Our provided controller is actually the IPC with the software(LEDstudio) installed, and preset ready. So the clients can easily connect the hardware part, turn on the power, and edit the files immediately. Please refer to the tutorial page.
But sometimes, the client will choose to use their own PC. In these cases, the software will be installed to the PC and before operating the software and editing the program, you will need to preset the software according to the below steps:
1. Find the ".RCG" file and ".CON" file in hand.(we provide)
2. Click the "software setup".
3. Type "linsn" here. (just type the word "linsn" with keyboard, no input area required)
4. The password is "168".
5. Choose "Receiver", and click "Load from files".
6. Load the file ".RCG". Click "Send to receiver", and then "Save on receiver".
7. Choose "Display connection", and click "Load from files".
8. Load the file ".CON". Click "send to receiver", and then "Save on receiver".
If the hardware parts connected correctly, you will see a beautiful LED screen showing the same content with in the software monitor area.

Please contact us without hesitate, if need any further assistance. We are ready 7/24.
Also, if there's internet connection, we will be able to access your PC and do the remote support.

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