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If you're going to add the wireless feature to your led display sign especially the text message scrolling led display sign, it would be a good idea to choose RF wireless communication method.

RF Wireless LED Display Sign

Comparing with 3G wireless communication, RF wireless communication has the advantage of low cost - you don't need to buy the 3G internet service from the local network operator; and comparing with WLAN wifi wireless communication, RF has the advantage of long transmitting distance which could reach 2KM more.
The only disadvantage is the data transfer capacity and speed is limited for big picture and video files, but for the text message information, as well as some simple graphic, it could work very well.
One RF antenna pair includes 2 parts: the sending unit and receiving unit.

We will take example of the RF spec we adopt, as well as C-Power3200 control card to show you the process:

1. Wire the receiving unit to the control card, please refer to the picture below.

2. Pull the switch on the sending unit.And connect the sending unit to the computer.

3. Select the baud rate of the control card to be 9600.

RF Wireless LED Display Sign

Only when you have done above processes, the control card could communicate with the computer through RF wireless signal.

RF Wireless LED Display Sign

If you're going to order the RF wireless led display signs, or you would add the RF wireless antennas to your existing signs, please do not hesitate to contact us for an inquiry.


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