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Asynchronous control system was adopted mostly to the monochrome and dual color LED display signs, which was usually small size and showed only the scrolling text message, logo, or the image. Different from synchronous control system, which transfers the data continuously, asynchronous control system stores the data in its internal memory unit. Once the data sent completely, there's no necessary to keep the control computer running; and only when edit the program of the led screen, we would need to connect the computer via communication cable, or the wireless method.
So from convenience point of view, asynchronous control system has the great advantage.
And nowadays coming with the improvement of technology, asynchronous control system is widely used for big size full color led displays. And from the human sight, the led screen effect is as pefect as the ones with synchronous control system.

And the same with LINSN or any other synchronous control system, before operating the software, it's necessary to do some preset of parameters. We will preset it ready before the consignment, but in case there's any failure, here we show how to preset the parameters.

Actually it would be completed only in some easy steps. See below of LEDeditor:

1. Select "Auto check control card ip in LAN", and "Import existing configuration files *.hcp".
Then click "Next".

2. Click "Select *.hcp1", and choose the file you have.
Then Open.

3. Send it and click "Next".

4. Click "Back to home".

5. Select "Width and height parameters configuration".
Then click "Next".

6. Set the "Display width(pixels)" and "Display height(pixels)" according to your led display, and "Save".

After above steps, you would run the software of "LedEditor".

Click here and download the video demo.

Please contact us without hesitate, if need any further assistance. We are ready 7/24.
Also, if there's internet connection, we will be able to access your PC and do the remote support.

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