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With the schedule program setup of DBSTAR XMPlayer software, you could make a schedule list to follow your instructions. For example, you can order the led screen to display a certain program under the specified date and time; you can let your led display turn on & off automatically under the specified date and time; you can even make your led display adjust the brightness under the specified date and time or reboot the led display system.

To teach you how to use the "DBSTAR XMPlayer Schedule" function, we make this tutorial. And we believe with below screenshot pictures, you could command this in a couple minutes.

See below:

1. Right Click the software and "Run as administrator". (we always suggest you run the led display software as administrator to use all the software functions well)
2. Click the search icon and find the device - your led display sign.

3. Click "Setup-Schedule List".
4. You will see the software interface of the "Schedule List". Click "Add", you will find 5 options of the "Instruction" menu - Play Program; Turn Screen on; Turn Screen off; Brightness setting; Timing restart screen.                                                

5. There will be related parameters appear when you choose the option. For example of "Play program", you can select the file you want to play, after that, you will make your time order.
You will see your schedule order on the Schedule List interface.
6. And you can add more to make a full schedule list.
7. Choose your scheduled program and click "send".

8. Choose your terminal led display's IP address and "send". (When there're multi-led displays controlled by this computer, you will find all of them listed, then you need to choose the right one that you want to make the schedule program.)
9. And you need to "select storage type". (It should be the "SD card" if it's the led display manufactured by Dakco)                                          


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