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This tutorial demonstrates the cabinets composition, connection and wiring of LED screen panel. It is written from users’ point of view.
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Please execute according to below steps:

Open the Package, check out the Hardware Parts as Below:

1. LED Cabinet (Basic unit of LED display installation)
2. Power Cable with Aviation Plug (For Power Transmission)
3. Signal Cable with Aviation Plug (For Signal Transmission)
4. Fixing Plates and Screws (To Hold the Cabinets)

Please follow the steps as below:
1. Re-check the structure prepared, according to the drawing.
① Whether if the horizontal base flat, strong enough to bear the whole system.
② Whether if the vertical steadying bars are perpendicular to the horizontal base, and strong.
③ Whether if the distance between each vertical steadying bars, correspond with the structure drawing.

2. Put the cabinet A1 to the side near to the main power and signal.
3. Put the cabinet A2 by the side of A1, fasten A2 and A1 to the vertical steadying bar. Please pay attention to the connection between the cabinets. And require: From the front view, the screen is flat and without evident gap; from the side view, the top of the cabinets are flat.

4. Repeat the step 3, to finish the assembly of the 1st level of cabinets.

5. Inspect again the 1st level of cabinets, according to the above requirements. And notice: the assembly of the 1st level of cabinets is critical to the assembly of the whole system.
It determines greatly whether the whole screen flat or not.

6. Put the cabinet B1 onto the top of cabinet A1. Repeat the steps 3-5, to finish the assembly of the whole system.

7. Connect the power cables (with aviation plug) according to the drawing provided.

8. Connect the signal cables (with aviation plug) according to the drawing provided.

9. Connect the signal cable from control PC to cabinet A1.
10. Power on the LED display and operate.

Please notice:
Above pictures are only for demonstration purpose, and were actually taken one year ago. Now we have fully upgraded our cabinets, cables and connection parts.
Please contact us and learn the brand-new features of our led screens.


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