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More and more frequently we receive the email or call from the buyers who is actually not our clients. The topic is not to discuss a purchase of a new led display project, but to ask for the tech assistance, to service the led display screen they already have.
Whenever we face this kind situation, we feel very sorry for them, though their led displays are not purchased from our company. We just think some of the companies in the led screen industry field should pay more attention to their led display quality standard, but not bigger and bigger margin. It harms from long term of view. As well and as an electronic equipment, it is possible that some the problem happen. But the important point is, when there's any problem, the led display supplier should take the responsibility and give the efficient, patient and continous service to their clients.
One company could not only "dare" sell the led display and earn the money, but should also "dare" cost the time, energy and money to provide good service!

Things would be a little difficult when we provide the service to the led displays which are not supplied from us. The difficulty is that different companies may choose different design. For example when they ask for a "intelligent setup file" - RCG, CON, RSPS etc., we must know the circuit way of the led module. Without a module in hand to analyze, the only method is to try and try with the remote control, which would cost too much time.

If the problem is hardware part, things would be even more difficult. From the picture or video they provided, we need to eliminate the possible problems one by one - controller, power supply, flat cable, IC, LED...The high efficiency of that would require a lot of experiences. Our After Sales Engineers are experts on this, but for most of the cases, it's not quite possible to service on-field.

The positive thinking is that - usually one entire led display screen has only one sending card, one cabinet has one receiving card and 3-4 power supplies. So the 1st step is to eliminate the problem possibility of those devices, and for an local engineer with good tech background, it's not quite difficult. If all those possibilities are eliminated, we would focus on the led module tiles.

A tutorial page is limit to describle all, but we would like to let you know - Before you begin to find out which part of the led module tile fails - driving IC or LED or PCB, and after you've tried fixing it, you need to do below steps to inspect:

1. What you need is 3 parts: LED module tile, Flat cable, Receiving cardled display service

2. You would find a test button on the receiving cardled display service

3. Connect the module and receiving card, with the flat cable. (Please notice a good quality IDC connector would be tight, and you need press heavy. What we choose is the "Rainbow Ribbon Cable" and "IDC Connector with Gold-plated PIN", which is the highest industry standard.)

4. Connect ready, and the following you need to press the test button on the receiving card.

5. Press, and the led display module tile would show "scan test mode".led display service

6. Press, and the led display module tile would show "grey level test mode".led display service

7. Press, and the led display module tile would show "white balance test mode".led display service

8. Press, and the led display module tile would show "red color LED test mode".led display service

9. Press, and the led display module tile would show "green color LED test mode".led display service

10. Press, and the led display module tile would show "blue color LED test mode".led display service

From what's shown on the module, you'd guess out which component or device of the led module title is failed, and fix it according to your conclusion.
But if you think it's too complex, we'd like to provide the service of that. We will see the status to quote the cost of the service.


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