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Ledsync820c is one of the most widely chosen led video processors for led display screens. It is required for TV relay centres, large-scale stage and theatre, exhibitions, meetings etc high-end events.
If you're going to input more signal sources than computers only, and if you're seeking for the low cost solution, the led video processor spec Ledsync820c would be a suitable choice.
As well, as another option, Ledsync822A is a good choice. Simply speaking, the difference between Ledsync820c and Ledsync822A is only that Ledsync822A has the PIP (picture in picture).

The video processor could not take the place of led display control cards, so we need to assemble the sending card to the led video processor(internal). Before the consignment, we should have installed the sending card. But sometimes, clients require the video processor after they have already received the led screen. In this case, the clients must assemble the sending card on their own.

And with below pictures, we're going to show how to assemble the sending card to the led video processor(Ledsync820c and Ledsync822A).

1. Disassemble the chassis cover, take off the fixed screws for sending card, take off the I/O shield.

2. Assemble the sending card with screws taken off in above step; Plug in the power feeding cable to sending card(4 PIN, 2 Core).

3. Assemble the chassis cover, and the led video processor with sending card embedded would be as below picture.

And the connections to computer monitor, graphic card, computer USB ports etc should be according to below picture.

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