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DBSTAR has published their latest version software XMPlayer3.1. It is compatible with different specs DBSTAR controllers, and comparing with the old version XMPlayer software, the latest version is much easier to use, especially when try to search, find and connect the control card inside of the led display sign, no matter through the ethernet cable, or under wifi wireless mode. As well, the interface of the new version software is more friendly.
So here we suggest our clients or the browsers to this page to upgrade the XMPlayer software.
As acknowledged, Dakco is the top brand in the field of front open lid led signs, double sided led signs etc other customized led signs which are popular in North America, Australia and other high end markets. Many of those led screen signs adopt DBSTAR control system, with wifi communication method.
When you read this page, please allow yourself a chance to find the most reliable partner here in China.

We will start a serial tutorial pages to introduce the lastest version XMPlayer of DBSTAR control system. And here it's about "how to find the control card and led sign under the wifi communication mode".
And we will take example of our standard layout wifi router, which is specially developed for led display sign's application(industrial standard).
Please see below:
1. Choose the wifi signal of the wifi router with default name "Serial-WiFi" and click "connect".1DBSTAR XMPlayer wifi led sign
2. Input the default password "12345678", and click "OK".DBSTAR XMPlayer wifi led sign
3. Open Network and Sharing Center.
4. Click "Connections: Wireless Network Connection(Serial-WiFi)
5. Choose "Properties"DBSTAR XMPlayer wifi led sign
6. Select "Internet Protocol Version4(TCP/IPv4), and click "Properties".DBSTAR XMPlayer wifi led sign
7. Use the following IP address:; Subnet mask: XMPlayer wifi led sign
8. Clik "OK" and "Close"DBSTAR XMPlayer wifi led sign
9. Righ-click the software XMPlayer3.1, and "Run as administrator".DBSTAR XMPlayer wifi led sign
10. Click the icon of searching.DBSTAR XMPlayer wifi led sign
11. When it shows the picture below, it's accomplished.DBSTAR XMPlayer wifi led sign

Notice: from the step3 to the step8, it's the processes of changing the computer's ip address and subnet mask to ensure the computer's net port is under the same IP address range.
And this is in fact the key point.



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