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"XMPLAYER" is the software name of DBSTAR led display control system. As introduced in the tutorial "DBstar XMPlayer Configure", DBSTAR control system are mostly for the not-so-huge size led screens. And those led screen signs are mostly installed on the not-so-high places. For this reason, the "auto-brightness-adjustment" function is especially important.
For example, the brightness of 6000nits is good when most of the day time, because the sun light is strong; but when in the evening, the brightness of 6000nits would be too bright, and people would feel very uncomfortable when watch it. If there are many traffics, the over-brightness might even cause the accidents.
Considering this situation, it would be perfect if the led screen sign can adjust its brightness automatically. Now in Dakco, no matter big led displays, or the small led signs, the "auto-brightness-adjustment" function has become the standard feature.
In this tutorial, we will guide you how to enable this "auto-brightness-adjustment" function with the XMPLAYER LED software. See below steps please:
1. Run the software XMPLAYER, and click "Control-LED Controller Configure".

2. Click "para setting".

3. The password is "dbstarled".

4. Click "Set up"

5. Select "brightness auto adjust" and click "OK"(No necessary to send).

If you face any problem, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our professional Sales Engineer will assist you and solve it 7/24.
And please click here to download the latest version XMPLAYER.

To learn how to setup the auto brightness adjustment in new version software XMPlayer3.1, please click here.


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