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Led Display Cabinet & Panel
- Steel & Aluminum Plate Cabinet

The led display cabinet & panel we refer here is only the Steel & Aluminum plate led display cabinet & panel.

Steel & Aluminum plate is the most widely adopted cabinet panel type to led displays. It is also called as “sheet metal”, or abbreviated to “SPCC”.
It is one of the fundamental forms used in metalworking, and it can be cut and bent into a variety of shapes. With this advantage, we can produce varies of led cabinet panels, in different sizes, shapes, and types to meet customer’s different requirements.
Tips: We adopt 1.5-2.0mm depth metal plate as raw material, in compliance with standard Q195-215A. Power electrostatic spraying is processed, truly anti-corrosion and anti-ageing.

Not to mention the size, bigger or smaller, generally we have 2 types Steel & Aluminum Plate cabinet panel:

cabinet panel with Back Doors

According to incomplete statistics, this cabinet panel type takes over 90% of all the led displays produced. Especially for the giant size led screens, so far there hasn’t been a better type than this.
To choose this cabinet panel type, we must ensure there’s at least 80cm room available behind of the led display.

However, in some installations, there’s no space available behind of a big led display. In this case, we can design the cabinet panel very thin, and assemble the “front service type led modules”.

It looks the same type led cabinet panel with back doors, but now it’s possible for you to install the led display onto a location where there’s no space behind, and do the maintenance from the front side.
Maybe you have the same requirement? Email us now.

Front Open Lid cabinet panel

It is suitable cabinet panel type for the led displays with height of less than 2m, of which the installation location doesn’t have maintenance space behind. The production difficulty of this type cabinet panel is much higher than the cabinet panel with back doors, considering the loading capacity of gas spring and cylinder, the safety protection, as well as the waterproof capability.
We are proud enough to say there’s no other company could produce this type cabinet panel better than us.

Contact us now to learn more details of its unique design.


Also, with the customizability of Steel & Aluminum Plate technology, you could exert your genius imagination and make your own design. There are a lot of variants of the Steel & Aluminum Plate cabinet panels, the sport perimeter led display cabinet panels, the rental led display cabinet panels, the different shaped led cabinet panels…You could simply tell us your creative idea, and our outstanding engineering team will realize it perfectly for you.