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LED Screen Control System

Led screen control system includes synchronous system and asynchronous system.

Synchronous system means the led display need to connect with computer and then it will play what shows in the computer , which can play no limited content from computer. When the computer is off, the led screen has no image. The system is used for places where has high demand to real time playing.


1.Real time playing and rich content;

2.Mainly be played videos ,image-text and so on;

3.Mostly be used for big size screen and for rental usage;

4.Limited playing time because it is connected with computer , when computer off , there is no any content on the screen.

Asynchronous system means the led display don’t need to connect with computer. The playing content will be edited in the computer , and send to control card by USB , GPRS , which means the card already stored the content previously. When the computer is off, the led screen is still playing the picture.


1.Can’t be achieved real time playing;

2.Mainly be played simple texts , symbols and animation;

3.Mostly used for small size screen and fix installation;

4.Limited playing content , because limited control card storage.

In China , famous control system manufacturer likes Sysolution , Colorlight , DBStar , Novastar , Linsn , Lumen and so on.

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