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Analysis of Seven Core Parameters of LED Display Module

Analysis of Seven Core Parameters of LED Display Module

LED module is the core of the display, it is equipped with a LED circuit board and shell, and the LED lamp beads arranged in accordance with certain rules to be packaged together, and then add some waterproofing and composed of a product . With the LED display industry, the continuous development and application of more and more widely, LED module function and role of even more cannot be ignored.
So, today let`s work together to understand the LED module under the seven parameters

1.LED module color
It is the most basic LED module parameters, different colors applied in different occasions. By color types can be divided into monochrome, full-color single point control two.
(1)Monochrome is a single color, cannot be changed, connected to the power supply can work.
(2)Full-color single point is to control the color of each module, the number of modules to achieve a certain degree of time can be achieved to display pictures and video effects. Full-color single point to add the control system can achieve results.

2.LED module brightness
When it comes to brightness, we think of the word high brightness, this parameter is one of the more concerned about the parameters. Brightness in the LED inside is a more complex problem, we usually said in the LED module brightness is usually luminous intensity and transparency, is generally the sum of each module related to the sum of the out.

3.LED module luminous angle
LED lens with LED lens angle is mainly determined by the LED lamp beads, LED lamp beads of different light-emitting angle is different from the general manufacturers to provide LED lamp beads of the LED light angle of the LED module.

4.LED module working temperature
LED module normal working temperature is usually between -18 ° C to 58 ° C, if the requirements of the occasion is relatively high, special treatment, such as air conditioning or exhaust fan.

5.LED module voltage
It is a very important LED module parameters, the current low-voltage module 12V is more common. When connecting the power supply and control system must check the correctness of the voltage value in order to power, otherwise it will damage the LED module.

6.LED module dimension
Usually refers to the said length and width and other dimensions.
Maximum length of a single connection: This parameter we do when used in large-scale projects more, it means that in a series LED module, the number of LED modules connected. This LED module with the size of the connection line. But also according to the actual situation to custom.

7.LED module water proof  level
This is mainly for outdoor, it is to ensure that LED modules can work in the long-term outdoor an important indicator. Usually in the case of full-open water level is best to reach IP65.

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