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Industrial Personal Computer

Industrial personal computer(IPC) i.e. a computer in small size which be used for industry. Currently , it has been widely applied to industry and all aspects of our life. Such as Controlling Site , Health Care , Environment Protection , Telecommunication , Monitoring , POS , CNC Machine Tools , Electricity , Railway , Highway , Spaceflight etc.


IPC is mainly consist of computer case , display screen , keyboard , systemboard , bottom plate , CPU , driver , power supply system and fans.

To put it simply , IPC is a computer which is designed for industrial site , as well , there is so much dust , strong vibration and electromagnetic interference in the construction site , what’s more , the plants always keep doing production work , which means they usually don’t have any days to rest. Therefore , the IPC need to have following features when comparing with computer:

1.The computer case adopts steel structure , which has higher ability of anti-magnetic , dust-proof and anti-shock.

2.The computer case inside has bottom plate , with PCI and ISA slots.

3. The computer case inside has power supply , which has stronger anti-interference ability.

4. Long-time continuous working ability.

5. To adopt standard computer case which is convenient to install.

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