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Is the LED display brighter better?

Is the LED display LED display brighter better? I can tell you here very clearly that this is not the case. I think people in the industry should be aware that LED displays are mainly composed of diodes. Because of its energy saving and high brightness, LED products are very popular in the display industry. When many LED display manufacturers introduce customers, most people will say that the higher the brightness, the better the quality will be. Is this really true? Dakco comes to show you the truth.

Because the LED electronic display uses self-illumination technology, as a light source, the LED lamp usually experience brightness decay after being used for a period of time. However, in order to achieve brightness, more drive current is needed. However, under strong current, the stability of the LED lamp will be greatly reduced, and attenuation will be rapid. In other words, the brightness is sacrificed by sacrificing the picture quality and lifespan of the LED screen. Not only that, LED display screen as a high brightness in many display products, once became the overlord of outdoor display products, but once the night is over, the screen will become a burden on the bright, that is, environmental pollution, so moderate the pursuit of brightness and environmental protection becomes more meaningful.

The last one is the cost factor. The simple pursuit of higher brightness will inevitably lead to a rise in the cost of the LED display project, which means that users who buy display screens are likely to go beyond the budget and use demand performance in some parts to make waste.Therefore, when choosing a LED screen, there is no need to hear too much about the better the brighter of the screen, the most important thing is to understand that the pursuit of brightness is meaningless. The above is about if the brightness of the LED display brighter is better. Please also pay attention to those who purchase the LED display. I hope to be helpful to everyone.

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