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LED Module

LED Module Composition:



3.IC (Driver chip)

4.Module mask

5.Bottom case

6.5V Power wire & flat cable

7.Power socket & signal socket

8.Capacitance & Resistance

LED Module classification with color:

1.Monochrome module. Such as single red , single green , single blue , single yellow and single white , generally showing simple texts;

2.Bicolor module. Such as Red and Green , Red and Blue , generally showing simple texts and images ;

3.Tricolor (Full color) module. To encapsulate red , green and blue chip in a led lamp , generally showing videos.

SMD Module

Features :

1.Wide viewing angle , soft visual performance;

2.Big pixel density , which is more suitable for indoor application;

3.When comparing with DIP module , its brightness is not enough and heat dissipation is not good enough.

DIP Module

Features :

1.Wide viewing angle;

2.High brightness and good heat dissipation;

3.Small pixel density and usually for outdoor application.

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