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LED Display Systems Engineering Construction Program Comments

LED Display Systems Engineering Construction Program Comments

Led display project is a comprehensive engineering project, the construction process of the whole project, the design to multiple disciplines electronics, civil engineering, network, decoration, etc. So, to understand the composition of the whole project is very necessary. The following are the Dakco engineers share on led display systems engineering construction program, to help you understand:

A presentation, led display installation work

LED display project is a set of electronic, optical, communications, computer, network, architecture, construction, decoration and other disciplines comprehensive engineering projects.

LED display installation works are from the perspective of the device in terms of mechanical and electrical installation, installing the LED light-emitting device, other related projects are the basis for the creation of a display installed at the same time and the surrounding environment is coordinated, the other associated works were : 1), the basis of civil engineering (including lightning protection and grounding) 2), steel frame construction 3), and outdoor decoration 4), the strength of electrical wiring and installation of ancillary equipment

Composition Second, LED display installation work

1) a basic introduction to civil foundation

LED display is a basic civil foundation engineering works to install the display, mainly used in outdoor display works as a screen body bearing base, its main function is both (1) the force uniform screen weight carried on the ground, screen prevent sedimentation. (2) suffered wind load balancing Screen, Screen to prevent overturning.

The main part of the foundation by the civil foundation, cap, reinforced concrete foundation, embedded parts, backfill several parts.

Reinforced concrete from the keel reinforced concrete structure, concrete made of cement, sand, gravel, water uniformly mixed according to a certain percentage, also known as concrete (Tǒng). Similar steel bones, and flesh like concrete, so combined to achieve high strength. As the display used civil infrastructure projects, the general period of 7 days to 45 days.

Embedded parts is pre-made steel structure embedded in concrete together during the pouring of concrete, which provides a solid foundation for the future installation of an external component, commonly used embedded parts prefabricated screw, prefabricated steel plate.

Lightning protection and grounding:

Outdoor civil infrastructure projects typically require additional lightning protection and grounding, the basic approach is at the foundation works with certain specifications of flat steel welded into a mesh-like grounding grid, the grounding grid buried in the ground, and the soil foundation to do some treatment, so resistance is reduced to achieve lightning protection and grounding requirements, then the concrete reinforcement and as much as spot welding, and leads to the ground with steel multi-point, and later to join the structure, so that the whole member with lightning protection and grounding. Ground resistance measurements generally use a ground resistance meter, resistance generally require less than 10 (ohms).

2), a basic introduction to steel frames
LED display engineering steel framework is the basic engineering installation screen, the display part by the steel frame Screen firmly mosaic as a whole, and the body of the screen and the main building coupled together, carrying the weight of the screen body and suffered other forces, or other devices at the same time, the outer decorative installed base.

The main steel frame is composed of steel columns support (mainly used for pillar structure), the base (mainly for floor installation), the main body of the screen frame, coupled fasteners.

Steel columns supporting mainly used for installation Column, bottom, and by civil foundation embedded parts join, play a role in supporting the upper part of the body of the screen, making way is to use a predetermined thickness welded steel plate bending roll.

Screen welded main frame mainly way to create, but also can preform bolt connection. Mainly three parts:... A Screen fixing structure b decorative edging structure c rear maintenance structure (for a large body of the screen).

Chemical anchorage description:

Chemical anchorage that is, in existing concrete structures or steel components required, screw, and an appropriate drilling depth, the use of chemical adhesives intends to use to make new steel and concrete bonded firmly based on the proposed project, and the new steel (commonly referred to as anchorage) can play the desired design performance. Acting on the anchorage of the tension is transmitted to the concrete by chemical adhesives. Chemical anchorage process is simple, the anchor fast, safe and reliable, which is widely used in construction reinforcement, reinforcement, connecting the old and new structures complement buried steel, steel components and other aspects of post-buried.

In the LED display is mainly used for installation works on civil structures have been formed, they had no place embedded coupling member, the method by chemical anchorage steel frame and civil structures are coupled together with the main product is chemical anchors bolt.

3), the basic description and outdoor decoration works
LED display outdoor decoration is the use of structural coupling or adhesive material is secured to the exterior decoration of steel framework, so as to achieve a nice appearance, and to waterproof (for outdoor) and other protective purposes.

Common decorative materials description:
Stainless steel: Stainless steel is generally used mainly decorative matt brushed stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, can be selected according to customer requirements. Common thickness of 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, etc., is to determine the thickness of the material is generally based on the size Hemming

Aluminum (deduction) Board: Aluminum is the choice of aluminum alloy sheet by mechanically pressed into a fixed size, by a coupling member fixed to the steel frame, you can choose a variety of colors, the disadvantage is that the higher cost, size, need to do in advance, the scene is not easy change.

Aluminum plate: it is very commonly used as a decorative material, the structure is covered with a thin layer of aluminum on a plastic substrate, the outer appearance of the paint level using fluorocarbon coating to protect the way, the advantage is more color, good weather resistance, light weight, easy on-site production. Common specifications are indoor boards, outdoor boards; thickness of 3 mm (indoors), 4 mm (outdoor).

Other materials: other materials commonly used in glass, plastic, weather sealant, sealant, aluminum tubes, wood keel, plywood, etc. These materials are mainly used as decoration board substrate and sealed, waterproof.


4), LED display common installation method
Since installation is difficult to say unity, it is in accordance with the following screen structure of the point to explain, LED display is actually a six-sided, only the display is positive, the force can not be connected, all the other five sides can join forces .

a back: use common way for installing a wall-back, as well as a whole is fixed to the wall.

b top: a conventional manner utilizing top installation are lifting.

c on both sides: both sides use common installation mounted on the body of the screen between the two cylinders.

d bottom: use common installation bottom in a separate column support, as well as the base installation.

e Hybrid: more than one side of the point, usually on both sides of the above synergistic force, commonly used methods are embedded.

5), briefly display the strength of electrical equipment and control aspects
a. strong electric aspects
The standard power supply system:
LED display strong electric power supply system commonly used in three-phase five-wire system (TN-S system), three-phase four-wire, single-phase three-wire system.
Three-phase five-wire power supply system is provided with a three (A / B / C) voltage, a neutral (N), a protective earth (PE), the phase voltage is 380V, the zero-phase voltage of 220V, LED display with cabinet is divided into the three-phase three-way phase zero voltage for display use.
Three-phase four-wire three-phase five-wire system does not provide protective grounding wire, commonly used in metal no equipment, no shell protective earthing, commonly used in lighting, usually can not be used to monitor power supply, the need to protect ground Gabe .
Single-phase three-wire system is a simplified version of the three-phase five-wire system, power supply system to provide a single-phase voltage, the other with three-phase five-wire system. Commonly used in electrical power petit LED display, generally no more than 6-8Kw.

Strong electric cable Introduction:
Common cable (wire) on the project: copper core PVC insulated cable (wire) is generally identified as VV, RVV. Usually used to display wiring distribution cabinet; display cabinet wiring equipment wiring. Copper core PVC insulated cables (wire) is generally identified as RV. Generally used for power distribution equipment for cable management; internal display traces (for an additional conduit or trunking).
Three-phase five-wire power supply cable (wire) is identified as VV (4 × 502 + 1 × 252) showing five
Copper core PVC insulated cables with wire, the zero line cross-section is 50mm2, 25mm2 cross section of the ground
Color definition of each line: A phase - Yellow Phase B - Phase C Green - Red
Neutral - light blue (black) PE line - yellow and green lines
Sectional area of the cable is generally divided into 1.0,2.5,4,6,10,16,25,35,50,70,90,120 other specifications, we can choose the appropriate cable (wire) depending on the size of the load.
Maximum load current: safety wire carrier can be estimated according to the following formulas usually:
Under two five multiplied by nine, minus a sequence number to go up
Thirty five times three five, both groups minus point five
Conditions have changed plus conversion, high temperature copper upgrade 10%
Wear tube root number using three four, eighty-seven tickets full flow
The following data is based on single-core aluminum table, a single copper wire capacity corresponding increase in rating.

Single copper wire capacity data comparison table

If you need to use multi-core wire 10% off.
Illustration: 50 × 3 = 150 after a discount is 150 × 0.9 = 135 (A) indicate that the carrying capacity of the line is 50 square 135A
Carrying power (Kw) = ampacity x220 / 1000

b. weak aspects
Describes communication cables: the LED display works commonly weak cable has four pairs of UTP twisted pair cable (network cable), shielded flexible wire, fiber optic, coaxial cable and so on.
Four pairs of UTP twisted pair LAN cabling because often also called 8-core network cable, is composed of eight different colors divided into four pairs of twisted wire, twisted into the team's role is to minimize electromagnetic radiation impact and external electromagnetic interference, if applied according to their twisted pair shielding and metal mesh sleeve area is divided into shielded twisted pair (STP) and unshielded twisted pair (UTP). In the display works for the display signal NFC (not more than 100 meters), the display can also be used to deliver other control signals. Generally lengths of 305 m / box (1000 feet).

Shielded flexible cord similar to conventional wire diameter specifications are also the same, mainly between the cable sheath and the inner layer with a layer of metal mesh shielding layer, characterized by a higher density braided cable, wire softer, Ease of laying, anti-signal interference.

Coaxial copper as hard core, outsourcing a layer of insulating material. This layer of insulating material with a closely woven mesh surrounding the conductor, extranet and covered with a layer of protective material. There are two widely used coaxial cable. One is 50 ohm cable for digital transmission, as used for baseband transmission, also called baseband coaxial cable, commonly used in network connection. The other is 75 ohm cable for analog transmission. Common RF cable television signals, in the ordinary video signal transmission.

Optical fiber and coaxial cable is similar to, but no mesh shield. Center is the glass core of light propagation. In a multimode fiber, the core diameter is 15μm ~ 50μm, generally with a considerable thickness of a human hair. The single-mode fiber core diameter of 8μm ~ 10μm. Outside the core surrounded by a layer of lower refractive index than the core glass envelope, so that the fiber remains within the core. Then the outside is a thin plastic coat used to protect the envelope. Fiber is often tied into bundles out there shell protection. Small cross-sectional area of the core is usually double concentric cylinders made of quartz glass, which is crisp texture, easy to break, requiring additional protective layer. Transfer Point modulus class division single-mode fiber (Single Mode Fiber) and multi-mode fiber (Multi Mode Fiber). Single-mode fiber core diameter is small, only a single mode transmission at a given operating wavelength, transmission frequency bandwidth, large transmission capacity. Generally the transmission distance of 2Km above. Multimode fiber is in a given operating wavelength, can simultaneously transmit multiple mode fiber. Compared with single-mode fiber, multimode fiber transmission performance is poor. Generally the transmission distance of about 500m. A maximum of 2Km. Depending on their work environment, divided into indoor and outdoor fiber optic fiber. The actual length may be intercepted.

The strength of electrical cable routing:
The strength of electrical cable routing methods are mainly the LED display works in two ways: Buried laying and
Open wire laying.
Buried laying of the cable is buried in the ground to a depth of soil and concrete surface coverage. This method is usually the PVC pipe or galvanized steel pipe buried in the ground, where the cable is placed in the spaced lines well, to prepare for threading box overhaul, maintenance purposes, commonly used in outdoor cable laying.
As for the open wire laying of the cable is surface mounted trunking, line pipe, bridge, line well being, pipelines exposed to the environment, commonly used in building cable laying.
Supporting cable wiring was commonly used in PVC pipe line, galvanized steel pipes, metal trough, metal tray, which are standardized products. At the same diameter and the ratio of the cable wiring specification it is determined.

Intelligent power distribution cabinet composition

Screen distribution cabinet has the following main components: 1, power distribution components, indicating the conversion means, a control signal conversion means receiving, sharing power control member, Executive member.
Distribution component parts including the cabinet, bus, circuit breakers and other general power distribution devices, constitute the basic distribution cabinet.
Indicating the conversion member including the indicators, voltmeter, automatic / manual switch, etc., it is to monitor the work of state power distribution cabinet, switch the proximal and distal control.
Control signal receiving conversion member.
On sharing power control member includes a solid state relays, multi-function controller, a display step-core devices on power.
Executive members include AC contactors, wiring is the display terminal device.

Introduction Second, the commonly used peripherals

The following parts of the system equipment recommended for reference:
1, the control system
Computers: Lenovo / del
Graphics: Colorful / GALAXY
Control card: Linsn
2, the power distribution system
Remote power: Star of Hope rain control card
Distribution box (cabinet): Company Custom
Arrester: Germany OBO
Air conditioning: United States / Haier
Exhaust Fan: engineering grade

3, the multimedia system
Screen processor: the only Austrian Screen Processor
Multimedia TV cards: Mortimer
DVD player: Backgammon
Camera: Nikon
Amplifier: US DSPPA (DSP)

4, system software
OS: WindowsXP / win7
Edit Player: LED Studio

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