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Process LED display moiré generated

Process LED display moiré generated

When using a mobile phone or a camera to shoot the LED display, the water ripples and scan lines in photographs, which allow customers to LED screen quality is very worried. In fact, these phenomena are not caused by the LED display itself, is the angle and focus using a mobile phone camera to take pictures when due, after reading this article you can understand.

First, the difference between the water ripples and scan lines Phenomenon

The difference:

★ (left) water ripples generally shows no rules arc diffusion state!

★ (above right) scan is a horizontal black stripes straight line, mainly due to a lower screen refresh by the camera to capture showing!

Second, the "water wave" scientific name "moiré" (Moiré effect)

The scene with a digital camera, if there is dense grain texture, often appear inexplicable wave-like stripes.

Simply put, the moiré is a manifestation of the principle beat. Mathematically, the two frequencies close amplitude sine wave superimposed on the amplitude of the combined signal will vary according to the difference between the two frequencies.

Third, the process of generating moiré

1, two spatial frequency slightly different stripes, they left the same black line position, the interval Ji same, gradually to the right of the line on Ji can coincide.

2, the results of these two streaks overlap, since left coincidence black line, the white line can be seen. To the right and gradually displaced the white line against the black line, overlapping results become all black. There are all black and white lines of changes in the composition of the moire.

3, two sets of stripes completely overlap Figure 2, you can see the typical moiré.

Fourth, the display moiré phenomenon process

▲ above chart demonstrates: LED display shows the unit is rent into RGB three-color unit, evenly distributed on the display.

The picture shows the detailed structure diagram of the digital cameras CCD ▲, distributed by Mosaic patches calculate the color content of each pixel.

Note: If the LED display pixel density is exactly between the CCD can distinguish between cell among the inevitable digital camera or interpretation of the section may be the result of recognition, but also can identify the plus Ji grayscale zone, and two will form regular lines, the reaction is visually periodic ripple.

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