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The eight key points to ensure LED display quality

The eight key points to ensure LED display quality

LED display technology cost of the existence of the problem, many companies put too much in the technology led to LED display prices are too high. How to ensure the quality of LED display technology at the same time reduce costs? Need eight technical control to protect the quality of LED display.

1, LED display cooling performance
If the LED display cooling performance is poor, the temperature is too high, then the stability of the LED will affect long-term down will make LED display acceleration performance degradation. So in this regard, we must do a good job of PCB board cooling design and cooling ventilation.

2, Weld problem
When the LED display does not shine, the most likely case is due to solder joint caused. Weld, including many aspects, so the details must be done here. When the factory must also do a rigorous inspection.

3, LED display line must be controlled verticality
A small deviation will directly affect the LED brightness consistency. Will lead to the emergence of inconsistent color. The LEDs must be perpendicular to the PCB.

4, anti-static LED display
For anti-static LED display manufacturers must make adequate measures in this regard. A variety of anti-power settings must be done in place, but also regularly tested.

5, LED mixed lights
The same color of the different brightness of the file LED lights mixed lights, this procedure if the problem will lead to the LED display in the brightness of the local situation is not the case, a direct impact on the appearance of LED display.

6, LED electric heating value
Typically, the maximum LED current can not be higher than the standard value of 20MA 80%, if it is a little smaller display must reduce the current value.

7, the drive circuit design
If the drive circuit design is not good, there will be LED display around the LED brightness lower than the middle.

8, strict control over the wave soldering temperature and time
Preheating temperature of 100 ℃ ± 5 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 120 ℃, and the preheating temperature rise requires a smooth, welding temperature of 245 ℃ ± 5 ℃, welding time is recommended not more than 3 seconds after the furnace should not shake or impact LED, until Recovery at room temperature. Wave soldering machine temperature parameters to be regularly detected.

LED display technology on every step of the details of the deal, in the details to do better, then the higher the quality of LED display. At the same time, China's LED technology to be further innovation, and the world more communication. I believe in the future, China's LED industry will be even better.

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