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Led power supply is an necessary part of led display and it supplies power for the led to make the led display work. And the quality of power supply influences the light failure and the lifespan of the led display.

There are some main brands of power supplies that will be clarified as followings:

1.Taiwan AcBel: AcBel is one of the three major power supply producers in the world. Acbel switching power supply is a high-end led switching power supply ,designed by science and technology team of AcBel Polytech Inc., is also as the hit product to enter into the led field. The technology, stability, lifespan and other rigid indicators are much better than the conventional LED display power supply. The advantage of the power supply is Ultra thin, wide temperature, high efficiency, stability, whole Japan brand components. The power supply is often used for high-end led display now or the application situation of the led display is very hard or rental display.

2.Taiwan MeanWell: founded in 1982, is one of the leading brand manufacturers of switching power supply.Many of the industrial power sources in MeanWell have been widely used in LED display industries around the world, and have gained a good reputation for their high reliability. In order to meet the trend of global energy conservation, MeanWell will invest a lot of resources to develop a new generation power supply applied with green environmental protection concept. LED power supply is one of them, characterized by higher efficiency, lower loss and compliance with the world's latest lighting regulations. In the LED display power supply market, Taiwan MeanWell has a very good reputation, most being used in the high-end LED display market. According to the producer, there are Guangzhou MeanWell and Suzhou MeanWell, the shells of them are different. According to the customers’ feedback, the light failure of using MeanWell power supply is several times slower than the domestic power supply.

3. Cl-power: Cl power supply holds 60 percent of the market share. The power supply of LED screen is mainly characterized by:

a. The output of DC ripple current is small, and the transient response is fast: the output voltage of the power supply is stable, which is beneficial to the anti-interference of the circuit which is supplied by the power supply, so as to ensure the stability of the circuit;

b. Protection circuit: as the use of temperature increases, the power will automatically protect and stop to work, thus increasing the lifespan of the display screen. In addition, in the case of misoperation of power supply, the circuit will automatically protect itself. Besides the life of the power itself, the whole power supply line is also protected;

c. Long lifespan: the power supply is one frequent and continued used component in LED display. It directly influences the lifespan of the display screen. So we need to take the factor of lifespan into consideration when we choose power supply;

d. Adjustable output voltage : due to the particularity of the LED display, it requires that in some cases to change the working current of LED lights by adjusting the power supply voltage, so as to change the brightness of the LED. And on the energy saving design, 4.2-5 v power supply has small power consumption and can save 20% energy.

4.Chenglian power supply: Changzhou Chenglian power supply manufacturing co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise engaged in series of AC/DC, DC/DC power supply, adapter and research, development and manufacture of DC/AC inverter, also it’s the member of CPSS. Changzhou Chenglian power supplies have been continuously used by customers in various industries. The stability and good quality has won the unanimous praise from the customers. In particular, a large number of LED screens are used continuously for a long period of time, which is the most effective application case to illustrate the quality of products.

5. G-energy: 80% customized power supply of Shenzhen led display manufacturer is derived from G-energy. The G-energy products, with the advantages of light, thin, high efficiency, high reliability, high technology, diversity of products, perfect technology of research and development have won the recognition of users.

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