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The chosen of power supply of LED display

   Due to LED chip is a sensitive semiconductor device with negative temperature feedback , so we need to keep it working in a stable working status. Due to the limitation of led power level , we usually need to drive multiple led to meet the demand of brightness simultaneously. Therefore , we need to use professional driving power supply to light led up.

1.Type of drive

①One constant voltage will be supplied to multiple constant current sources , then each constant current sources will power supply to led of each circuit.

Merit : Flexible combination , if there is something wrong with led of one circuit , which makes no any difference to other leds ;

Demerit : Higher costing.

②The constant current will power supply to led of each circuit directly , so the led will work in series or parallel connection.

Merit : Low costing;

Demerit : Poor flexibility , when there is something wrong with led of one circuit , we need to adopt solution to guarantee that will not make difference to other leds.

2.High efficiency

As LED is an energy-saving product , so there is higher demand to the efficiency of driving power supply. What’s more , the thermal dissipation issue is critical for us on account of lighting efficiency will decline with the development of increased temperature.

The higher efficiency of power supply , the lower dissipation efficiency as well as lower heat productivity , which will bring led lamps temperature down and be beneficial to put off luminous degradation of LED lamps.

3.Surge handling capacity

Surge means the voltage largely exceed regular voltage in a second.

There are two type of Surge sources , includes interior and exterior sources. Exterior is mainly from thunder or power grid switch operation ; Interior is mainly from electricity equipment with big power , such as elevators , air conditioners and refrigerators , as volume electricity demand occurs when we power them on and off , which will bring about sudden and short electricity requirement so that to disturb voltage stability.

So the driving power supply should have the ability to restrain the hack of Surge and prevent LED lamps from damages.

4.Protection measure

The lifespan of driving power supply should be corresponding to lifespan of leds , as well as meed the demand of installation regulation and electromagnetic compatibility. Meanwhile , the configuration of power supply should be with capability of water-proof , moisture-proof and sun-proof. We can add led temperature negative feedback during output of constant current to prevent leds from over- high temperature.

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