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What are the Applications of LED Electronic Display Screen Systems?

LED display is the use of opto-electronic display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technology, automatic control technology, designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor environment, to display the screen of the various information elements, use the specialize control technology, to display the text, picture, video, all kinds of multimedia information, TV and video signal and so on. The led screen is composed of the led device, having the advantage of high-definition, colorful, perspective large, stable, long life, low power consumption. Owing to adopt the unit LED module construction, the size of led display screen can decided by the client.
The electronic led display system mainly: indoor monochrome information screen, full color LED  display , dual-color video screen, true color video screen; outdoor led display , full-color LED display , true color video screen; display of all kinds information of securities market; bar display; a variety of LED display system used in various industries according to customer needs.
The led display screen systems are widely used in the government, military, financial, industrial enterprises, commercial, intelligent transportation, universities, medical, service industry and sports stadiums, etc.


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