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Wiring Method and Load Calculation of LED Display

Wiring Method and Load Calculation of LED Display

LED display power cable to how to pick it? LED display unit board between the power cords is connected in parallel. A power supply generally has three 5v output. Can take 10 to 12 pieces of P10 unit board. Multiple power supply, then the power input 220 in parallel together on it. Control card power cord is best printed directly from the power supply, not through the cell board.
Introducing 2 main wiring methods as below.
"T" type connection
Connection description:
Power supply a group of 2.5mm2 output cable carries four P10 modules, the first two modules from top to bottom are the terminals of the power output line, the module 1 is in parallel with the module 3 and the module 4, Shunt on both sides.

"一" font connection
Connection description:
Power Supply A group of 2.5mm2 output cable carries four P10 modules, and the power output line is connected to the topmost module. The current from top to bottom in series supply four modules.
The single P10 module operates with a maximum current of 4.2A. According to T-type connection with load. The cross-sectional area of 1mm2 module power supply line current maximum for the module 2 to module 3 of the connection line, the cable responsible for the module 3 and 4 power supply. Then the current through the 4.2 * 2 = 8.4A, in a cross-sectional area of 1mm2 wire the normal load range.
The maximum current for single module operation is 4.2A. In accordance with the 1-word connection with the load, the cross-sectional area of 1mm2 module connection line current is the largest module 1 to module 2 module connection line, the connection line for the module 2, module 3, mode Group 4 power supply, the current through the 4.2 * 3 = 12.6A. Has exceeded the cross-sectional area of 1mm2 wire with the load range, will lead to wire heating, insulation softened or even fire.

LED display using technology
Switching power supply load calculation.
How much quantity LED modules one power supply can load?
LED display power supply is generally 5V. Then the board as long as the positive and negative are good there will be no problem, but also be careful not to make positive and negative short circuit. 5V and GND are connected to the power socket on the board. Note that the positive and negative poles cannot be connected in reverse. The power supply only distinguishes between VCC (5V) and GND.
The power supply number calculation of LED display.
(Power is 30A and 40A; monochrome is a 8-cell board a 40A power supply, two-color is a 6 cell board a power supply; if the full-color unit board is like the full power of the maximum power to count)
(a)A power supply can take a few cell board number = power supply voltage * power supply current / cell board horizontal pixel points / cell board vertical pixel points / 0.1 / 2 For example: Semi-outdoor P10: 5V40A power can bring: 5 * 40 / (32 * 16 * 0.1 / 0.5) = 7.8,

(b) According to the total power of the screen to find the number of required power = average total power / power of a power (power supply voltage * supply current) For example: a long screen with 12 P10 module, high with 3 P10 module: 36 modules then the required number of power = 32 * 16 * 0.1 * 36 * 0.5 / 5/40 = 4.6 to take large (5 power);

(c) LED display power calculation method: the power of the formula is P = UI; P on behalf of the power, U on behalf of the voltage, I on behalf of current, usually we use the power supply voltage is 5V, power supply is 30A and 40A; A 40A power supply, dual color is a unit board 6 power; outdoor screen power reference site "product parameters", there are very clear.
The following will give an example: a unit to do 9 square meters of indoor 5.0 color electronic screen calculate the maximum number of power required. First calculate the number of power supply 40A = 9 (0.244 * 0.488) /6=12.5 = 13 power supply (to integer, to a large standard) then very simple, the maximum power P = 13 * 40A * 5V = 2600W. Single lamp power = a lamp power 5V * 20mA = 0.1WLED display unit board power = single lamp power * resolution (horizontal pixel points * vertical pixel points) / 2 screen body maximum power = screen resolution Rate * Number of lamps per resolution * 0.1 Average power of the screen body = Screen resolution * Number of lamps per resolution * 0.1 / 2 Actual power of the screen body = Screen resolution * Number of lamps per resolution * 0.1 / Scan number (4 sweep, 2 sweep, 16 sweep, 8 sweep, static).

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