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LED Display Material FAQ-CREE and COTCO
After a serial cooperation in different product and technology field, America "CREE" reorganized HongKong "COTCO" with a price of 200 million USD in 12th Mar, 2007. Actually "COTCO" had been one of the customers of "CREE", because they purchased "CREE" LED chip and did the encapsulation part. For the reason of higher technology level, the LED encapsulated by "COTCO" performed better characteristic than LED from other encapsulation companies in China mainland, even for the same "CREE" chip. So that's the reason why once there had been "COTCO" and "CREE" LED in the solution. But since 18th Feb, 2008, the name "COTCO" has been changed formally to "CREE". After this reorganization, "CREE" improved greatly the brightness and other performance with the new technology. Only that sometimes people are used to call "COTCO".
But as for LED display industry, it's important to know that in market, "CREE" LED exists in two types: the original "CREE" LED with "COTCO" advanced tech; the "CREE" LED encapsulated by other mainland companies. Original "CREE" performs higher quality and with higher price.
Conclusion: "Silan" has taken the place of "AXT" as in LED display industry. "COTCO" now usually is called "CREE-COTCO" or "Original CREE". "NICHIA" remains the top solution. Generally speaking, there are only above 3 LED for Average, Middle, Top options.

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