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LED display and classification

Led display by the tens of thousands - hundreds of thousands of semiconductor light-emitting diode array of pixels uniform.The different led materials can create different colors of led pixels. Now the most used leds are red, blue, green yellow and white. 

Led display can show text, videos, graphic images even TV singal. It can not only be used in the indoor environment but also can be used for outdoor application. with its incomparable advantages. led display has received extensive attention and rapid development.these advantages can be summed up is: high brightness, low voltage and power consumption, long lifespan,impact resistance and stable performance. led extremely broad prospects for development, which is now in the higher brightness, higher climate of tolerance, a higher density of light, a higher luminous uniform, reliable, full color and direction.

Led display of category:

1. according to different color configuration, led display can be divided into: single-color screen, two-color screen and full-color screen

2. according to display category:

Led digital display,led moving-sign, led sport perimeter led diplay, rental led display, led curtain display and so on.

3. according to use category:

Indoor led display and outdoor led display. according to different use enviroment, led display can be devided into indoor
led display and outdoor led display.

4. the different pixel pitch:

According to different pixel pitch,led display pixel can be 4mm-40mm and even more now. for indoor use,6mm and 7.62mm led
display are used most. for outdoor use, P16mm virtual full color led display is used most.  

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