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LED Display Technology Improvement-EMI filter

Just the same with all the electronic equipments, different kinds outside jam signal exists in the power supply of LED display. And when the LED electronic display is working, it is emitting different kinds EMI signal. The man-made EMI signal and nature EMI signal influence great the normal running of the electronic equipments, by the way of transmit and radiat.
Especially in nowadays, accompany with the greatly spread of the computer and domestic appliance, the jam signal in electricity gets serious and becomes one kind of environment polution. In order to reduce and vanish the harmful interfere, Dakco choose the most effective component - EMI filter(please see below photo), with a method of shield. And the function of EMI filter is not only making the LED display accordant with the requirement of the transmit in the electromagnetism compatibility standard, but the reasonable reason is:
1. EMI filter will prevent the jam signal from LED display to power line.
2. EMI filter will prevent the jam signal from the power line to LED display.
The EMI filter will transfer the power of direct current, 50HZ or 400HZ to LED screen without attenuation. In this way, the LED display panel will be protected well. And also, for the reason of a clear and stable signal, a clear video and image will be seen in LED display.

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