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Application of Video processor in Full-Color LED display

Video processor is a witnesses and iconic devices of full Color LED displays birth, growth and maturity. Today, the video processing equipment dedicated to LED is gradually maturing in this process. The advantages and disadvantages of LED video processor directly affect the display effect of led display screen.

Generally speaking, LED video processor, is a dedicated video processor of LED display. In a nutshell, all it needs to do is to convert images from outside (such as Blu-ray DVD, computers, HD play-boxes, etc.) into signals that LED screens can accept. In this process, the LED video processor generally needs to complete the following process:

I. Conversion of resolution specifications: In general, image sources (such as Blu-ray DVD, computers, HD play-box, etc.) provide signal resolution with fixed specifications (refer to standards such as VESA, ITU, SMPTE, etc.), while the modular splicing display of the LED display makes its resolution can be almost arbitrary. Video processors convert a variety of signal resolutions to the actual physical resolution of the led display screen.

II. Color space conversion: The color gamut of LED display is very wide, and the color space of most image signals is relatively small(e.g. NTSC). In order to make the LED display have excellent image showing effect, color space conversion must be carried out.

III. Processing depth promote: the gray scale of the current LED display has been raised to 16 bits , 17 bits , whereas the input signal source is mostly only 8 bits. Therefore, with the advent of high-definition display era, the application of 10-bit or even 12-bit processing technology in video processors has become a general trend.

IV. Zoom: during resolution specification conversion , it need to zoom the image, whether the resolution increases or decreases, it can allow the screen to display the complete image.

V. Image processing and enhancement techniques: With the development of digital image processing technology from the 1920s to now, a large number of patent technologies have emerged. These techniques undoubtedly improve the visual effect of images.

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