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Aviation plug of led display

Aviation plugs are  electronic components that connect electrical circuits. Therefore, the choice of electrical parameters of the aviation plug itself is the first issues to consider about aviation plug. Correct choice and use of aviation plugs is an important aspect of ensuring circuit stability.

The advantage of aviation plug is waterproof, easy to use and easy to operate. Because if you do not use aviation plug-in, then you need to use a screwdriver to screw the wire to the three terminal blocks. With the use of navigation, it is possible to insert directly, and it is more convenient to operate.

The steps and methods of the use of the aviation plug:

1. The plug is usually composed of plugs and sockets, and the plug is also called free end aviation plug, and the socket is also called fixed aviation plug.

2. Through connect and disconnect with the plug and socket to achieve the connect and disconnect of the circuit, therefore producing all kinds attended mode of plug and socket connections.

3. For circular Aviation plugs, there are three main connection ways: threaded connection, bayonet connection and bullet connection. Threaded connection is the most common way. It has the advantages of simple processing technology, low manufacturing cost and wide application scope etc, but its connection speed is slow, which is not suitable for the situation that requires frequent plug in and quick connection.

4.Because of the longer lead of the three bayonet grooves, the speed of the bayonet connect is fast, but it is more complicated in manufacture and the cost is higher.

5. The bullet connection is the fastest way to connect in the three connection ways. It does not need to rotate, only needs straight line motion to achieve the function of connection, separation and locking.

6. Because it belongs to the straight push - pull connection mode, it is only suitable for the aviation plug with small total separation force. Generally, it is more common in small aviation plugs.

In LED display filed, we usually use the aviation plugs in rental cabinet, because the power cables and signal lines of rental cabinet needs to frequent plug out and plug in.

Our Common use brand: Neutrik

Neutrik is an international leading supplier of entertainment industry connectors, such as audio, video, optical fiber, industry, Internet and so on.

Matters need attention:

1. The wire should be making structure, because wire can't be exposed to the outside.

2. When you use aviation plugs to connect 220V voltage, please turn off the power first, then connect the plugs in and turn the power on.

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