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How to calculate the size of the LED display

Got the specific data (width, height, area)

For example,  outdoor P10 LED display,  width: 5m,  height:4m.

1. The module size of outdoor P10 is 320(W) x 160(H)mm.

2. Calculate how many modules are needed:

module quantity = display width/height÷module width/height

5m x 1000 ÷320 = 15.625 ≈ 16pcs

4m x 1000 ÷160 = 25pcs

3. Calculate the exact size of the display

Exact display width/height = module width/height x module quantities in width/height

Exact display width: 320mm x 16pcs = 5120mm = 5.12m

Exact display height: 160mm x 25pcs =4000mm = 4m

Display area: 5.12 x 4 =20.48 sq.m

If only got the display area, no width or height, we can calculate the width and length as the ratio 4:3 or 16:9. For example:

outdoor P10 LED display, 50 sq.m, calculate as the ratio 4:3

1. Width = (area ÷ 12)square root x 4 ≈ 8.16m

2. Height =(area ÷ 12)square root x 3 ≈ 6.12m

3. After figure out the width and height, we can calculate the exact size as the first example.

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