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How does LED screen control card control the LED screen?

How does LED screen control card control the LED screen?

1, what is the LED display controller

LED display controller, also known as LED asynchronous control system or LED synchronous display control card, LED graphic display is the core component. Is responsible for receiving from the computer serial port picture display information, puts in the frame memory, according to the partition drive way to produce the LED display screen the serial display data and the scanning control sequence.

2, embedded real-time + off-line two-in-one controller is how to control the display

Embedded real-time + off-line display, mainly by the DVI to send the controller or 1000M network card, CPU, memory (SD card), display scan driver composed of four parts. After power-on, the system initialization, CPU from the memory (SD card) to remove the user stored in the display, into the LED display can restore the user edit the content. (User-edited content is sent to the controller through the LAN communication). When the CPU detects a real-time information is sent, it will automatically switch the data channel, so that the display to real-time display. Real-time display is the highest priority of the display.

3, embedded real-time + off-line two-in-one controller audio processing problems

In the offline state, the controller has its own audio processor, can play audio offline. But in real-time state of the audio is through the DVI transmitter controller (or 1000M network card) on the real-time audio collection, sent through the 1000M network cable to the controller, through the audio playback chip to play. So the controller can be real-time audio, off-line arbitrary switch.

4, real-time + Offline Combo controller for which occasions

Real-time + off-line two-in-one controller, to adapt to many occasions. And the screen does not have to open the computer can be used. LED display completely out of the concept of asynchronous synchronization, is a revolution in display applications.

Not applicable Place: TV screen, large screen

5, the controller can achieve group screen control it

Control card, with Ethernet (LAN) interface, you can easily network. Through the LAN computer to control the network display, suitable for group screen publishing information network.

6, the controller can play animation and video offline

The controller can directly accept a variety of video formats, the software automatically processed into the screen to adapt to the size, do not need to cut into bitmaps, directly to MPEG4, AVI, FLV, BMP, etc. format to send to the control card.

7, LED display shows the picture you need to grayscale

The pictures on the computer are full-color, in order to restore the true effect, only LED full-color can do. In the monochrome LED screen can only display patterns, two-color screen display picture is more like a black and white photo (also must have gray level). The so-called gray LED refers to the performance indicators of the ability of the picture, there is no gray-scale words can only display text and graphics

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