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LED Display three control modes

LED Display three control modes

LED screen in accordance with the control system can be divided into: off-line type LED display, LED display inline type, radio type LED display. Each LED display control system updates are different ways, the following is a detailed description of the three types of LED screen control system.  

Off-line type LED display  

Off-line control system is generally known as asynchronous control system, off-line type LED display LED screen mainly refers to the runtime does not depend on real-time control of the computer control, the internal display content directly on the control card. Off-line type LED display is mainly used in small, single-color LED display to display text messages as the main form.    
Update the offline LED display content type, mainly after a good, sent to the display control card through the control computer editing by control software. After the transmission can be disconnected from the computer, without affecting the normal operation of the display.  

United Aircraft LED display    

United Aircraft Control System, also known as synchronous control system is the main control system of the current full-color LED display.

United Aircraft control systems, point to point mapping display controlling the display contents of the specified area on the computer. Update its content is based on real-time control on the computer display real-time updates. If you want to change the program, you can control the operation of its computer control software mode.   The wireless-type LED display     The wireless-type LED display is to control the LED screen content wirelessly. More convenient for wiring, from the control center display distant places. Such as taxi top LED screen, LED screen side street, centrally controlled publishing communities LED screens.    

The wireless-type LED screen can be divided according to the communication mode WLAN, GPRS / GSM, etc..

The wireless-type LED screen content updates are centrally managed through its control center. With convenient wireless use without restriction of ground features, but for GPRS / GSM for use, will have to produce an additional communication costs. Especially for larger video content, if frequent updates, the cost is still relatively high.

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