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How to achieve moisture-proof and heat dissipation effect of outdoor screen

The overmuch humidity will make a big difference to PCB , power supply , power cable and something else likes parts , which will be oxidized and corroded easily and results in breakdown at last.

Therefore , we need to do following processing to screen during production process:

1.Painting conformal coating to PCB;

2.Superior power supply and power cable;

3.Good leakproofness feature of water-proof cabinet , which achieves IP65 standard;

4.To do the protection to welding point ;

5.To do rust-proof processing to steel frame.

The most valid method that prevents moisture environment from damaging screen is to use the screen frequently , because the screen itself will produce some heat during using period , which will evaporate the steam of screen , the possibility of moisture resulting in short circuit is reduced significantly.

We suggest that when in the rainy season , the screen need to be used one time at least every week , as well as powering on screen one time at least every month and lightening more than 2 hours.

For high temperature weather , we will do special processing to LED screen:

1.To reduce power consumption and thermal loss. We will do optimized design to LED chip , paying attention to the chosen of good power supply and other raw materials.

2.To improve manufacturing technique of module. Such as we can do optimized structure design to PCB and other electronic components , and sticking with glue which has high thermal conductivity , which satisfies with the thermal dispersion demand of parts and prevent steam from going inside.

3.To optimize cabinet structure. Considering thermal dispersion and oxidative stability , you can choose aluminum material. Meanwhile , we will adopt multilayer space structure in the cabinet , which will form a natural and convected thermal dispersion structure , so that you can use natural air to achieve convection and thermal dispersion effect.

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