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How to Build a LED Display

1.LED display and control system

LED display and control system are essential to build a big display. Control system including programming software, sending card, receiving card.

2.Control PC

A high configuration PC is a necessity if synchronous control system. The user uses this PC to send programs. In some cases, user needs to prepare more than 1pc control PC too.

3.Speaker and power amplifier

Speaker and amplifier are used to play sound when led display playing videos

4.Multifunction card

Multifunction card is very useful; it can adjust brightness automatically according to usage environment, so it helps to save energy. Multifunction card could detect temperature and humidity, too.

5.Video processor

With video processor, the led display could accept a lot of signal input from camera, DVD, VCR, TV, etc.

6.Lighting rod

Lighting rod’s main function is to avoid lighting stroke, indoor led display don’t need it.

7.Air conditioner

Air conditioner could help to decrease inner temperature of outdoor led display, as a result, it could extend led’s service life.

8.Power distribution unit (PDU)

PDU could provide stable voltage and current for led display, protect electronic components from damage.

9.Supporting structure

A good supporting structure is very important for led display. LEDSOLUTION could design and produce supporting structure for our client. The client could find a local subcontractor to build structure too.

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