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How to calculate the power consumption

Most of the time our customer will ask us about the max. Power consumption, but how to calculate it? Will show you the way at following:

1.Need to know one leds power consumption.

According to Physical formula P(power consumption)=VI(V mean voltage, I mean current), so we need to know the input voltage and current first. As we know, theoretically,the biggest LEDs voltage and current input is 5v, 20mA. So for one LEDs power consumption is 5x0.02=0.1W. But at reality, the current pass the LEDs can not reaching 20mA,so the power consumption on reality will be less than theory value.

2.Need to know the pixel density.(totally how many LEDs)

We use outdoor SMD P10, RGB full color LED for example.

For one square meter pixel density of P10 is (1000/10)2= 10000 pixel/m2 , and as we know for SMD LED, three LEDs chip(RGB leds) composition a pixel. So totally LEDs is 10000x3=30000pcs.

3.Calculate the max. Power consumption.

As we know for the driving method of led display have static driving and dynamic driving (like what we see 1/2 ,1/4,1/8 driving etc.) We need to know what exact the meaning of static and dynamic driving first,then we can calculate the power consumption correctly.

Static scan mean all the LEDs work normally at the same time.

1/2 driving mean only 1/2 LEDs of the screen work normally at the same time. 1/4 driving only 1/4 LEDs work normally,1/8, 1/16... same in theory.

Usually outdoor P10 is 1/2 driving, so the max.power consumption on theory is 30000x0.1/2= 1500w, average power consumption usually is 1/3 of the max. Power consumption, so the average of the power consumption is 1500W/3=500W.

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