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How to choose suitable outdoor screen

What we need to consider when screen for outdoor application:
1.For outdoor environment , screen will be exposed to the sun and rain , wind and dust , which works in extreme environment. If electronic equipment be wet will result in short circuit or on fire ;
2.Outdoor screen may suffer attacking from thunder ;
3.Significant environmental temperature variety. The certain heat occurs when screen working , if working in over-high temperature environment but with poor heat-dissipation capability , which gives rise to integrated circuit works abnormally even be burned out ;
4.Far viewing distance , wide horizon ; will be shined directly by sunshine.

In accordance with above exceptional requirements , outdoor screen should be with following features :
1.The screen and joint points between screen and building should comply with criteria of water-proof and leak-proof capability ; In addition , good drainage system should be prepared to guarantee hydrops discharge ;
2.To install lightning arrester on the screen as well as construction. The screen and its’ shell should be in good ground connection , its’ resistance should be less than 3Ohm ;
3.To do ventilation installation to make sure inner temperature of screen during -10℃ and 40℃. The rear of screen should be installed axial flow fans to discharge heat ;
4.To adopt integrated circuit chip to guarantee screen working in over-low temperature environment in winter ;
5.To choose high brightness led chip to make sure screen working in strong light situation and can be viewed distantly.

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