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How to do the maintenance of outdoor LED display?

The environment, air humidity and weather are all the main factors affecting the outdoor display screen. When we install outdoor display screen, we should pay special attention to its wind resistance, earthquake resistance, bearing capacity, so that it can survive and run better outdoor. In addition to previous preparation, after installation is complete, the screen's daily maintenance work is equally important. Specific maintenance considerations are as follows:

  1. Stable power supply and good grounding protection.

2. In case of severe weather, such as strong lightning and typhoon, power supply should be cut off in time, and the power supply of display screen should be turned on when the weather returns to normal.

3. No inlet water is allowed inside the display screen, and no combustible and easily conductive metal objects enter the screen to avoid short circuit and fire.

  4. If the screen is flooded,please cut off the power immediately and contact the repairman,do not use the display until it is dry.

  5. On and off sequence of LED display screen:

  Turn on: turn on the control computer first so it can work properly before turning on the LED display.

  Close: turn off the LED screen and then turn off the computer.

6.The surface of LED display screen can not be wiped directly with damp cloth,can be wiped with alcohol,or use a brush, vacuum cleaner for dust removal.  

7. Use LED screens at least once a week during rainy season.Generally turn on the screen at least once a month, lighting up for more than 2 hours.

8. Check the stability of supporting structure of outdoor LED display screen and the safety of power supply cable regularly. The damage should be dealt with in time.

9. Do not arbitrarily cut off, and do not frequently turn off and turn on the screen power supply to prevent surge current impact. Avoid excessive current, overheating of power line and damaged core of LED tube, which will affect the service life of the display screen. Do not take unauthorized dismantling, splice screen body.

  10. The main control computer of LED display screen and other related equipment shall be placed in the room of air conditioner and dust , so as to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation and stable operation of the computer .

  11. The internal wiring of the outdoor LED display screen should be overhauled by professionals.

  12. Before every summer, check the cooling equipment in the display screen in advance, such as air conditioning, fan, etc, To ensure that the display runs at an acceptable temperature.

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