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Integrated circuit, abbreviated as IC; ICs are circuits with specific functions that are integrated a certain number of common used electronic components,such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and the connection between these components etc, by using with the semiconductor processes technology.

Drive Method:

1. Current value adjustment method

2. Adjustment method using pulse amplitude modulation technique.

Current value adjustment method is mainly to change the brightness of the current value adjustment, here assumed that when the luminosity is 1 time, white light luminosity and current change of luminosity becomes 1.7 times, this time the luminosity becomes 3 times, although the illumination and The current value is not proportional, but the red light is proportional, mainly due to the different physical properties of red, green and blue chips.

LED driver chip can be divided into two kinds of general-purpose chips and special chips. The so-called general-purpose chip, the chip itself is not designed specifically for the led, but with some of the led display logic functions logic chip (such as string 2 and shift register). The special chip is designed in accordance with the characteristics of led light led display driver chip dedicated. LED is the current characteristics of the device, that is, under the premise of saturated conduction, its brightness changes with the current, rather than by adjusting the voltage across the change. So one of the most important features of a dedicated chip is to provide a constant current source. Constant current source can guarantee the stable driving of LED and eliminate the flickering of LED. It is the prerequisite of LED screen displaying high quality picture. Some dedicated chips have also added some special functions to the requirements of different industries, such as with LED error detection, current gain control and current calibration.

Global LED IC manufacturer:

1. Texas Instruments: TI (Texas Instruments) referred to as TI, is the leading semiconductor company in the world. It is famous for developing, manufacturing, selling semiconductor and computer technology. It is mainly engaged in research, manufacture and sale of digital signal processing and analog circuits.

2. National Semiconductor (NS) : Founded in 1959 in California Santa Clara, USA, national semiconductor is the world's leading power management technology developer. It mainly provides all kinds of easy to use analog integrated circuits for the market, and has world-class supply chain management technology and experience.

3. Mcroblock: The accumulation technology was established in 1999 as a design and development IC design company dedicated to LED power management and optoelectronic applications. In the field of optoelectronic applications, LED is the main axis of technology development. It is positioned as a professional LED display driver IC and has become one of the fastest growing vendors in LED driven IC area in recent years.

4. Maxim: Founded in 1983, maxim is a highly integrated analog and hybrid signal semiconductor manufacturer.

5. AnalogicTech:Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, AnalogicTech is a very young company among the global semiconductor manufacturers.

6. Linear:Founded in 1981, the company's main products cover amplifiers, battery management, data converters, high frequency, interfaces, voltage regulators and voltage references. Linear Technology has been involved with LED driver applications for an extended period of time, the company has technology in automobile, backlight lighting, portable and general lighting applications with a broad LED driver product line, new products and has launched a variety of lighting optimization problem LED.

7. Cree: Founded in 1987, Cree is an American listed company (1993, NASDAQ: CREE). It is a well-known manufacturer and industry leader for the global LED extension, chip, packaging, LED lighting solutions, compound semiconductor materials, power devices and RF.

8. Nichia: Nichia’s LED for Lighting, "Direct Mountable Chip", was awarded “Highly Commended” at Lux Awards 2017 in London. Nichia will continue to develop innovative products that brighten our lives in the future. (Dec. 21, 2017)

9. Epistar: Epistar Electronic Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integration of R & D, production and sales of LED lighting products, LED lighting engineering design and construction.

10. Chipone: As a global leader in overall display control chip solutions, Beijing Chipone Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a diversified product layout around the four major fields of mobile display, panel display, LED display and green lighting

LED indoor/ outdoor large screen common drive IC:

1. Japan Toshiba TB62726

2. Taiwan Mcroblock MBI5024, MBI5026

3. Taiwan SITI DM13A, DM13C

4. America SCL8018

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