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LCD Display and LED Display

LCD display is Liquid Crystal Display ,which consists of liquid crystal.

There are main few types: TFT 、UFB 、TFD 、STN.

The common type we use on Laptop is TFT(Thin Film Transistor) , as each liquid crystal pixels will be driven by thin film transistor behind the pixels ,so he effects of high speed , high brightness and high contrast will be achieved . At present , TFT is one of the best colorful display equipment and mainstream display equipment of laptop and PC. When compared with STN , TFT has more outstanding color saturation and higher contrast than STN , even under direct sunlight circumstance.


1.Traditional liquid crystal and sophisticated technology;

2.Soft color performance due to LCD is liquid crystal panel and backlight;

3.The price lower than LED display.


1.When old LCD display works for quite a long time , the phenomenon of brightness degradation will occur. However , due to LED backlight technology adoption , there are less problem now;

2.Big LCD display , has more electricity consumption than LED display;

3.We can’t see it clearly under direct sunlight;

4.Higher cost.

LED display is Light Emitting Diode Display , which consists of light emitting diode.

There are two categories in terms of LED application: One is LED display , the other one is LED lamps , includes backlight LED , red ray LED. LED display adopts technology of scan driven by low voltage , so it has following characteristics: low power consumption , long lifespan , low cost , high brightness , low breakdown , wide viewing angle , long viewing distance etc.


1.Lighting automatically. Dark sides save electricity , bright sides consume electricity.

2.Bright color performance;

3.Less breakdown problems;

4.Still clear frames display even under strong sunshine circumstance;

5.High color saturation;


7.High temperature resistance;

8.Long lifespan. Generally its’ lifespan is 100,000hours;

9.High refresh rate.


1.As each pixels is a light sources , our eyes will get tired if we view for a long time;

2.Due to its’ advanced technology , its’ price is higher than LCD.

The difference between LCD and LED

Comparing LED display with LCD display , LED enjoys high advantages in terms of brightness , power consumption , viewing angle and refresh rate.

1.Power consumption. The power consumption ratio of LED and LCD is 1:10 , so LED has good energy conservation capability;

2.Brightness. The reaction speed of each element in LED display is 1000 times faster than LCD display , so it has higher brightness. LED display can be viewed clearly under direct sunlight as well as adapting to the circumstance of low temperature with ﹣40℃;

3.Refresh rate. As LED takes advantage of turning electrical into light energy , which adopts injection theory , so LED has higher refresh rate , which means has better video performance capability;

4.Viewing angle. There is restrict to the viewing angle of LCD display , if viewing angle is a little larger than regular , the real color can’t be viewed clearly even see nothing. Nevertheless , LED has 160°viewing angle , it can display all kinds of texts , figures ,colorful images and animation as well as playing colorful video signals likes TV , video tape , VCD , DVD and so on;

5.Lifespan. LED lifespan is 100,000 hours , under normal circumstance , it is still running well for decades , but LCD lifespan will be less..

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