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LED cabinet

The main function of the cabinet:

1. Fixed function: For internal to fixed module / PCB board, power supply and other display components, all components must be fixed inside the cabinet to facilitate the entire display connection, for external to fixed frame structure or steel structure.

2. Protection: Protection of electronic components inside the cabinet from the external environment’s interference, you can protect the components, has a good protective effect. It can protect the components and has good protection effect.

Introduction of the main cabinet (in the view of structure):

1, curved led display cabinet introduction: Arc led cabinet is a special design for a variety of curved screen led display cabinet. Arc cabinet classification: divided into two kinds: outer arc, inner arc, generally speaking arc cabinet is cabinet body structure is arc and the module and PCB board are ordinary materials, coupled with the arc of the steel structure design and form a variety of curved display.

2. Front open led display cabinet and the features of maintenance from front:

In special occasions must be use front open led display cabinet to make the front maintenance led display, the main features are: the whole cabinet body’s open way is consists of two halves by connecting the upper part and lower part.

Cabinet Structure: the whole cabinet is like one hinge, the maintenance of the components can be completed by front opening, after checking, the front door will be set back and  locked, which has the waterproof function;

Application: it is usually applicable to the outdoor led display screen, there is not enough protection space behind the cabinet.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Advantages is to easy to maintenance and repair when there is no maintenance space from back side of the cabinet; Disadvantages is the higher cost of the cabinet, there will need several more times power supply cables and flat cables between the two front open led display cabinets than the ordinary cabinet when manufacture the cabinet., affecting the efficiency of communications and power supply, an increase of production costs.

Double - sided front open cabinet:

Double - sided front open cabinet mainly used in electronic display need to display the both sides.

Structure: double-sided front open cabinet is equivalent to two front open cabinets connected back-to-back. Double-sided cabinet is one kind special front open cabinet. The middle of the cabinet is fixed frame, and both sides are connected with the middle part. You can open any side when it needs to be repaired.

The use of features:

1, the screen area cannot be too large, usually one cabinet one display;

2, the main way to install by lifting;

3, two sides display screen can share a led control card, control card using zoning control card, The two sides are generally the same size, display content is the same, only need to divided the same two parts by the software.

Introduction of the main cabinet (in the view of materials):

1. Standard steel cabinet:

The LED screen cabinet appears in the early development of the backward production technology of the LED screen, which is slightly large and heavy, with sealing cabinet and simplified cabinet. The size of the LED Standard steel cabinet is 1280 mm * 960 mm, 960 mm * 960 mm, 768 mm * 768 mm, etc. Under the same size’s material, the sealed LED display cabinet is more expensive than the simplified cabinet. LED screen sealed cabinet protection level can be IP65, can work in a variety of environments, mainly used in the outdoor fixed installation. And the simplified LED display cabinet, the workmanship is relatively simple, mainly used in the indoor fixed installation.

2. Die-casting cabinet:

The weight of the die-casting aluminum cabinet is light, the structure is reasonable, the precision is high, and the seamless stitching can be basically realized. The size of the LED die-casting cabinet is 576 mm * 576 mm, 640 mm * 640 mm, 500 mm * 500 mm, etc. At present, the die-cast aluminum is used in the rental LED display market.

3. Aluminum cabinet

The aluminum cabinet is lighter than steel cabinet, but it is higher price and easy-deformable than steel cabinet.

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