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LED calculation

1.Pixel pitch calculation:

Pixel pitch: The center distance between two adjacent pixel. Each pixel can be a LED lamp,like PH10(1R),2LEDs lamp(such as PH16(2R), 3LEDs lamp (such as RGB). P10 pixel pitch is 10MM, P16 pixel pitch is 16mm. P18 is 18MM.

2.Width and height calculation (module or screen ) :

Pixel pitch * pixel dot=width/ height

Such as: P10, 32*16 pixel dot, then



3、Module number ‘s calculation:

Total square meter÷module’s width÷module’s height= module’s quantity

Such as: screen size is 10M2, outdoor P16, module size: 256x128mm. then the quantity of the module is:


More accurate calculation method: the module’s number in width × the module’s number in height = the total modules number

Such as: the screen size width by height is 5x2m, P16,module size is 256x128, then:

Module quantity in width=5M÷0.256M=19.53125≈20PCS

Module quantity in height 2M÷0.128M=15.625≈16PCS

Total module’s quantity=20×16=320PCS

4.Screen size calculation:

(1)have the specific date at width and height

Such as:  outside P10, 10x6m  LED screen,fixed installation .

For outdoor P10, the module size is 320x160mm, so we can make the cabinet size at 960x960mm. then.

A.The Cabinet’s quantity is :

Cabinet be used in width=10x1000÷960=10.41 ≈10

Cabinet be used in height= 6x1000÷960=6.25≈6

B.The actual screen’s size:

Width of the screen: 960x10=9600mm=9.6m

Height of the screen: 960x6=5760mm=5.76m

Squire meter of the screen=9.6x5.76m=55.296m2

(2)only have the squire meter, no specific dates in width and height

Such as : outside screen, P20,need about 50m2..

A. We can calculate the width and height via 4:3 or 16:9 ratio . At this ratio,the  screen’s picture performance and vision effect are very well. (here 4:3 as an example)

B. The theoretical screen width and height is:

width=(square meter÷12)’s Square root×4

height=(square meter÷12)’s square root ×3  

so:width=8.16m ; height=6.12m

C. Get the approximate height and width, the following calculation reference example (1).

5、LED display viewing distance calculation:

Min. Viewing distance =pixel pitch(mm)x1000/1000

Best viewing distance=pixel pitch(mm)x3000/1000

Longest viewing distant=screen’s high x30

6.LED display scanning method calculation :

Such as: A common full-color module pixel is 16*8 (2R1G1B). If MBI5026 is used for driving, the module uses a total of:

16*8*(2+1+1)=512, MBI5026 is 16-bit chip, 512/16=32PCS

(1) If  32 PCS MBI5026 chips are used, it is static virtual

(2) If 16 PCS MBI5026 chips are used, it is 1/2 scan virtual

(3)If  8 PCS MBI5026 chips, are used, it is 1/4 scan virtual

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