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LED Car Screen

LED car screen , with the features of real-time , flexibility , mobility and large capacity. It is widely used for showing texts , images , animation and videos. Comparing with general LED screen which be fixed in one place , LED car screen has higher demand to the stability , anti-interference , anti-vibration and dust-proof .

LED car screen features :

(1)Vibration-proof. The factor of pavement situation should be taken into account.

(2)Heat dissipation: Poor heat dissipation capability leads to lifespan degradation of electronic components. Meanwhile , there is high demand to heat dissipation due to over-high temperature of car. What’s more , we need to consider electricity supply and airflow.

(3)High brightness.

(4)Low power consumption.


LED car screen classification:

(1)Taxi screen: To be installed on the roof or back window of taxi. Mainly be used for texts advertising , single and bi-color screen are in common use. In addition , GPS taxi screen can take advantage of GPS to do positioning to cars , so the taxi management center can master the location of cars and dispatch them to suitable place in accordance with traffic situation , which realizes the purpose of degrading empty loading rate and relieving traffic jam.

(2)Bus screen: Mainly be used for the front ,rear or right sides of bus , to show the information of braking , turning left , turning right or destination reminder. Single color and bi-color screen are in common use.

(3)Official car screen: Mainly be used on the roof of car to show warning information , road situation reminder , official task executive and other public benefit information like this.

General Communication mode : by USB , WIFI , Wireless GPS etc.

①by USB. The playing content can be edited in the computer beforehand and be saved to USB , then we can upload content to car screen. This kind of communication mainly for small size screen.

②by WIFI. We can use computer to connect the WIFI of screen in order to sending content. Nevertheless , this kind of communication has the demand of distance , we can’t connect screen once it exceed limited distance.

③by Wireless GPS. The playing content can be edited in the computer and then send to screen. There is a sim card in the control card to send or receive message , also GPS function can be added into control card. For instance , the itinerary routine and real-time location information will be showed , so there is no limit to the time and distance , this kind of communication is mainly used for large-scale motorcade.

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