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LED Display Resolution

LED Display Resolution

For an LED display, we use the phrase “pixel pitch” instead of “resolution”. A pixel pitch is a distance between the centers of neighboring pixels. The higher the screen resolution, the smaller the pixel pitch. Therefore, the act of looking at high resolution screens is comfortable even from a short distance. And smaller pixel pitch can reach DH display easily.

To denote the pixel pitch we use letter “P”. Next to it, there is a figure indicating a distance between centers. For example, P2.5 is a display with the pixel pitch of 2.5 mm. This is a very important characteristic, because it determines the cost of the display, and affects the visual effect of images and viewing distance. For example, display P8 is best viewed at a distance of 8–15 meters. If you come closer, you will not get a clear image. If you go farther, small details will become invisible.

When choosing a display, you need to know where and from what distance a potential customer would look at it.


To maintain an LED screen, you must have access to the front or back. Front maintenance LED displays are expensive and have a complex design. Such a display can be installed as close to the wall as possible because access to its rear part is not required. Rear access screens are best used in places where there will be constant access to the rear of the screen.

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