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LED Display the needs of Shows the Contents Analysis on Sports Venues-two
3 .The needs of display a variety of graphic information: on the one hand, the sports led display can use for broadcast live video, on the other hand, it can use to news release, important notices, slogans. Led display can display text, graphics, design, animation, etc; and have the features to display around with different proportion of the picture and text.
4.The needs of multiple broadcast mode: Have pan, scroll, rotate, wipe, pull the curtain, single / multi-line translation, single / multiple line up / down, left / right pull up / pull-down, flip, move, rotate, reduce, enlarge, flashing, window and other functions. In order to hold the international sports events and activities, the led display screen has compatibility requirements of languages from every country.  For example, it can display Chinese, English, numbers and a variety of text and font choice for a variety of fonts, text can be infinite zoom.
5. The needs of spot advertising and show the way: the full color led screen on the stadium is the most striking display media, is bound to become the first choice for the majority of corporate to propaganda as electronic advertising, and thus should fully consider the needs of the display content of the businesses advertising needs, so that the led screen can be quickly and easily spots the corporate advertising, to meet the needs of our customers.

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