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LED display using seven common sense

一、First, the LED display circuit, switch check, keep switch dry, avoid leakage, electric shock accident.

二、The air conditioning can be used to dehumidify the LED display, place desiccant and physical means of moisture absorption, keep dry and prevent the display screen from moisture.

三、 The rainy season, led screen display to ensure that use at least once a week or more, each time at least light more than 2 hours.

四、The moderately ventilated LED display allows the vapors attached to the display to quickly evaporate, reducing the humidity in the indoor environment. However, it should be noted that ventilation should be avoided in some wind-free and humid air, which will increase the indoor humidity.

五、The use of outdoor LED display environment is complex, it is inevitable that there will be cabinet seepage phenomenon. In addition to the above measures, it is usually necessary to regularly inspect whether the waterproof rubber ring of the cabinet is aged, deformed, or incomplete; whether the screw or the lock of the sealed cabinet is easy to loosen and the pressure is not enough.

六、If rental indoor LED display used for outdoors. When it rains, it must be powered off immediately. If you do not hurry to dismantle the screen, use a rain cloth that has been prepared beforehand to quickly cover it. When the weather is clear, take out the cabinet and let it dry. If you encounter continuous rain, you must open the back cover of the cabinet and blow dry with a fan’s cold wind. Then put it in a ventilated and dry room for more than 8 hours. Turn down the brightness of the display and ensure that the screen is lighted for more than 4 hours, to fully dissipate the moisture in the electronic components.

七、If the LED display is not used for a long time, you should often power on the screen for maintenance and debugging. Whether it is the indoor LED display or the outdoor LED display, if it will not be used for a long time,when it is re-enabled, it is likely to appear dead lights and defects. Therefore, it is very necessary to always turn on and light the screen.

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