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LED encapsulation

LED (semiconductor light-emitting diode) encapsulation refers to the light-emitting chip encapsulation,LED encapsulation mainly functions include:

1、Mechanical protection to improve reliability;

2、Strengthen the heat dissipation to reduce chip junction temperature,improve LED performance;

3、Optical control,Improve the light efficiency,Optimize beam distribution;

4、Power supply management,include alternating current/direct current conversion,as well as power control etc.

LED encapsulation is quite different compared with the integrated circuit encapsulation. LED encapsulation not only required to protect the wick, but also be able to transparent. Therefore,the LED encapsulation has special requirements on materials.

1.LED encapsulation materials:epoxy resins、epoxy molding compound、silica gel、organic silica gel;

2.Solid crystal material:

a、Solid crystal glue:resins and Silicone,Internal filling of metal and ceramic materials;

b、Eutectic:Au Sn、SnSg/SnAgCu

3.Substrate material:metal alloy materials like copper、aluminum etc.

choices of the methods of LED encapsulation:

Photons emitted by the LED pn junction are non-directional,that means to launch in all directions have the same probability,so not all the light that chip produce can be emitted.

How much light can be emitted,depending on the quality of the semiconductor material、chip structure、geometric shape、encapsulation internal material and packaging Materials.

Therefore as LED encapsulation, we need to choose the right encapsulation way according to the size of chip and power.


                                   1、pin type encapsulation

                                   2、Planar encapsulation

Common way of LED chip encapsulation:   3、surface mount encapsulation  

                                   4、piranha encapsulation  

                                   5、power encapsulation  

The development process of LED encapsulation:

Pin type encapsulation: LED pin type encapsulation use lead frame as a pin for a variety of encapsulation appearance.Common type is a 5mm diameter cylindrical encapsulation.

Encapsulation process:

1.put the side of the 0.25mm square tube bonded to the lead frame;

2.the positive electrode of the chip is connected to the other lead frame by a metal key;

3.the negative electrode is glued to the stent reflex cup with silver paste or connected to the reflection cup pin with gold wire

4.Cover with epoxy resin at the top and to be a circular shape of 5mm in diameter.

Planar encapsulation:Structural devices composed of multiple LED chips.

Surface mount encapsulation:surface mount encapsulation is a new type of surface mount semiconductor light-emitting devices,it has the advantages of small size, large scattering angle, good luminescence uniformity and high reliability.

Piranha encapsulation:it has many advantages, because the lead frame of piranha encapsulation is copper,the area is large, so heat transfer and heat dissipation are fast.After the LED lit up,the heat generated by the PN junction can quickly be derived from the 4 stand bars of lead frame to the copper band of PCB.


Power encapsulation:power LEDs are the core of future Semiconductor lighting, because power LEDs have large power dissipation、large calorific value、higher light output and long lifespan. So the encapsulation of power LEDs Can not be simply apply the traditional low-power encapsulation, we have to reconsideration in some aspects like encapsulation structure design、selection of materials and selection of equipment etc, Research on new encapsulation methods.

Currently there are 5 kinds of encapsulation methods of power LEDs:

1.Followed the pin type

2.Imitation piranha epoxy resin encapsulation

3.aluminium base(MCPCB)encapsulation


4.TO encapsulation

5.power SMD encapsulation

There are many LED encapsulation manufacturers, like Nichia、Cree、Nationstar 、Ledman 、Everlight、Refond and Runlite etc, these are very famous manufacturers in the world.

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