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1.LED Full color outdoor width at least 2.8 meter and Long 4.8 meter for outdoor install. Must has LED Module are component to be LED screen Display module

2.LED Full color outdoor design for brightness at least 9,300 NIT (candela per square meter) It can be see clearly in day time and night time. And must has auto light source according around lighting conditions. (When ambient light decreases It can automatically adjust the screen brightness. It can be adjusted bright and gamma.)

3.Color pixels design to mix color at least 281m. colors. For one illustration of the LED Lamp must be at least one red light, green light, and one blue, one light. Pixel total are 16x64 pixel and space between pixel pitch not over 5 mm.

4.Front of LED Module must have black silicone coating to protect from moisture and water resistance that are flexible to chemicals and non-flammable.

5.Material of LED Module made from PC polycarbonate that able be use in high temperature resistant from outdoor heat.

6.Red color LED lamp must make from Aluminum Indium Gallium Phosphide and for Green and Blue color LED lamp must make from Indium Gallium Nitride.  

7.LED lamp must be UV protect and able be use in temperature 0°C - +60°C or higher temperature.

8.LED lamp has angle view about 120° in horizontal view and not less than 70° in vertical view.

9.LED lamp has MTBF at least 100,000 hrs. at 25°C.

10. Management program to control LED Screen advertising board can do Virtual Pixels and Display text overlay in images or video.

11. Management program to control LED Screen advertising board to adjust LED color for each LED module to be equal brightness from computer.

12. Management program to control LED Screen advertising board to control picture image and video by file as AVI, MPG, SWF, VOB, JPEG and BMP.

13. Management program to control LED Screen advertising board to manage and make playlist by list or random. And ON or OFF screen by schedule.

14. It can connect with computer that install program manager control LED screen advertising from network.

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