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LED lamp’s structure

LED lamp is the most important part of LED display, the mainly components of LED lamp are : LED chip, connecting wire, brackets , glue.

LED chip is a diode which can be an electronic component with long time working capability after encapsulation process.

Connecting wire use to connect the led chip and brackets’ electrode. It can be classified as gold wire and copper wire on the market, the advantage of those two connecting wire as follow:

Copper wire: Cheap in price, if customer don’t have enough money to buy the LED display or have strict price requirement , then recommend this wire’s lamp would be better.

Gold wire: It is with good weld-ability to lower the led failure rate. And it’s with excellent conductivity and strong anti-static ability characteristic.

Glue is used epoxy resin. The mainly function of glue one is to protect the LED lamp’s internal structure to ensure it can work stability; Another function is to adjust the LED lamp’s light shape.

Brackets is the structural part of LED lamp, the bridge between the PCB and LED chip connection.

Following we will show you the LED lamp construction’s picture.

DIP LED lamp construction:


On generally, LED chip’s electrode structure of red light is up and down structure, but the blue and green’s light electrode structure is left and right structure, so one of the electrode connected of red light chip is conductive silver paste connected instead of wire connected.

The DIP LED lamp’s product process : Clean the brackets---Fixed LED chip---Welding wire---Sealing glue---Spectral separation ---Package

Indoor SMD LED lamp structure:

From the picture, we can see that there are three LED chip inside the structure , one of then is public electrode which we usually called common anode, the remaining three pins are R/G/B.

Outdoor SMD lamp structure:

SMD produce process: Fixed led chip---Welding wire—Gluing---Spectral separation-- Taping---Package。

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